About Me

I’m an Auxiliary Professor (Professor Auxiliar) at the Department of Electronics Telecommunications and Informatics of the Universidade de Aveiro with a degree in Computer and Telematics Engineering and a Phd on Electrotechnical Engineering. My teaching activities are mostly on Computer Networks & Artificial Intelligence related courses such as «Computação Distribuída». «Engenharia de Serviços» and «Inteligência Artificial».

In addition to teaching, I’m a researcher at the Instituto de Telecomunicações of Aveiro in the Advanced Telecommunications and Networks Group.

My current research topics are on 5G/6G Network Applications, Internet of Things and Machine Learning in which I’ve several running projects such as ICT-5GASP of which I’m the coordinator.

In the past I’ve been involved in IST-C-Cast a project whose main objective was to evolve mobile multimedia multicasting to exploit the increasing integration of mobile devices with our everyday physical world and environment and which followed project C-Mobile whose work relates to developments in 3GPP MBMS. I’ve also taken part in IST-Daidalos, a European Project working in future Next Generation Networks. In this project my work was mostly related to network architecture, L3 QoS support in Multicast/Broadcast environments. Other past projects include IST-Mobydick and IST-Akogrimo.

During my years as a undergrad student, I helped create the University Linux User Group (GLUA – Grupo Linux Universidade de Aveiro), in which I still occasionally collaborate.

I keep a track of pet projects here and at my github account. Most of them are open source.

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