About Me

I’m an Auxiliary Professor (Professor Auxiliar) at the Department of Electronics Telecommunications and Informatics of the Universidade de Aveiro with a degree in Computer and Telematics Engineering and a Phd on Electrotechnical Engineering. My teaching activities are mostly on Network & Artificial Intelligence related courses such as «Engenharia de Serviços» and «Introdução à Inteligência Artificial».

In addition to teaching, I’m a researcher at the Instituto de Telecomunicações of Aveiro in the Advanced Telecommunications and Networks Group.

My current research topics are the Internet of Things and Machine Learning in which I’ve several running projects with industrial partners.

In the past I’ve been involved in IST-C-Cast a project whose main objective was to evolve mobile multimedia multicasting to exploit the increasing integration of mobile devices with our everyday physical world and environment and which followed project C-Mobile whose work relates to developments in 3GPP MBMS. I’ve also taken part in IST-Daidalos, a European Project working in future Next Generation Networks. In this project my work was mostly related to network architecture, L3 QoS support in Multicast/Broadcast environments. Other past projects include IST-Mobydick and IST-Akogrimo.

My main interests relate to the Context Management Architectures and Services, Mobile Applications and Telecom Services. During my years as a undergrad student, I helped create the University Linux User Group (GLUA – Grupo Linux Universidade de Aveiro), in which I still occasionally collaborate.

I keep a track of pet projects here and at my github account. Most of them are open source.

In my free time (when I have some), I spend it mostly sightseeing with my wife around Portugal. As a hobby I take part in a local Hackerspace Hack’Aveiro and often I do some MTB around Aveiro with friends and family.

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