I always have a couple of open projects. Some of those projects, which I find of usefulness to someone else I tend to publish using an OSS License. Others will remain in my ~/Projects/ dir for the time being. There are also the contributions I’ve made to other projects (mostly translations).

This page is nonetheless mostly outdated, you can find my current projects and contributions at github.

  • OpenVidonn

    Android application to track your steps and calories burned using Vidonn X5 bracelet. Available on Google Play. Get it on Google Play

  • MRTG

    Portuguese Translation (link)

  • LOGSTREAM (dead)

    This project provides C++ programmers with an easy interface to logging facilities such as stderr, log files, syslog, and others that might come in handy latter on. The interface is provided by global std::ostream objects similar to cout and cerr. It was create during the time I was learning C++. There are several better logging tools out there :)

  • COPS++

    C++ COPS Library. This project was produced during my graduation project. It is released under the GPL and implements IETF RFC 2748.


    This library provides a C++ wrapper around linux pthreads library. It’s design is heavily influenced by Java Threads and goes beyond the basic thread support found in some libraries such as BOOST. It is available under the GNU GPL License.

  • S700I THEME BASED ON OS X (dead)

    Theme created for the Sony Ericsson S700i. This was based on the great theme available at

  • Nokia 7100 Supernova plug-in for iSync (dead)

    Apple iSync plugin for the Nokia 7100 Supernova. More information here.