OpenVidonn is an alternative to Vidonn’s own Android app, that enables one to read the data stored in the Vidonn X5 sports tracker. Vidonn X5 communicates over Bluetooth LE, and therefore you require a Bluetooth LE capable Android phone with Android version 4.3 or up.

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The app doesn’t feature (yet) any sharing option (export to a spreadsheet, Twitter, Facebook, etc), nor does it track more then a weeks worth of workouts (amount of data kept in the device). There are certainly bugs around. If you installed the app I would appreciate to ear from you, be it praises of critics.

I’ve also setup a G+ community for anyone who would like to enroll in beta testing of new features.


OpenVidonn source code is available at GitHub

Source code is made available through the GNU GPL3 License.


Due credits to components I’ve reused in the application.