Search Engines (like if…)


Forget about Google, Yahoo,…

Because Ms.Dewey is here! Staring actress Janina Gavankar Try searching “you are so hot”,”take off your clothes”,”illegal drugs”, “ho”, “nintendo”, “what are you reading?”, “ms. dewey”, “just tell me”, “fastest bittorrent client”, “blow me”, “george bush”, “world of warcraft”, “how to do the robot”, “web design”, “Battlefield 2”, “murder”(several times), “storm”, “Halo 2”, “Google”, “Jesus”, “arts”, “iPod”, “music download”, “eminem”(again several times), “so you think you can dance”, “yo mama”, “Ferrari”, “Horror movie”, “911”, “Lord of the Rings”, “Bruce Willis”, “Use gun” (several times), “twins”, “chris rock”, “ashton kutcher”, “If you get inside your computer you can do anything you want to me”, “terrorist”, “Britney Spears”, “MMORPG”, “Microsoft”, “Linux”

written by Diogo Gomes