OS X Essentials


Today one my friends became a switcher, thanks to a new Macbook Macbook

One of the first things to do was of course to send him links of some of the things I consider essentials to any OS X user:

  • Most basic widget (I don't get why apple doesn't ship such widget...) iStat Pro
  • Codecs :) for that I use Perian and Flip4mac
  • Instant Messaging is brought to you by Adium aka "the duck"
  • File Transfer (FTP,SCP) is another duck's business: Cyberduck
  • Re coding your multimedia files? You better pull your HandBrake
  • With so much multimedia around the house you better get it all Deliciously sorted
  • Which you can then brag about in IRC using Colloquy
  • Since life is not just about fun you can use neoOffice to get some work actually done

Of course some other friends like to include:

  1. Quicksilver is top of the list (flame me for not understanding how big deal it is)

Of course, if you think I’m missing something… don’t forget to leave a notice in the comments ;)

written by Diogo Gomes