Creating an electronic Curriculum Vitae


Any now and then, one ends up needing to provide a Curriculum Vitae AKA Résumé (CV).

Either for applying for a job or just to be used to assert your credentials (for example while running for project fundings), you always end up needing an updated CV.

So what do most people do ?

  • They keep a document of their idea of a CV
  • They keep a document formated using the “Europass standard”
  • They keep it online using services such as LinkedIn

Of course there are other options :)

One of such options (and my favourite) is to use an industry standard XML specification to provide your CV.

My first contact with HR-XML was through a friend that is(was) developing the University Curriculum Vitae Editing/Management System Ultimately I used the university system to generate the first version of my CV, and from then on I “simply” edit the file and add any new reference.

The lack of an editing tool is nonetheless the most important aspect limiting the mainstream adoption of this standard. But with so many developers around (hint ;) )…

written by Diogo Gomes