@Berlin, Germany


Berlin nights 1 Berlin nights 1, originally uploaded by eschwagerus. </div> After more then a week of “blog silence” I’m back from Berlin, where C-Mobile’s meeting took place.

During this meeting we worked in the integration of our Demonstrator which is composed of OpenIMS, several Service Enablers built on top of Sailfin and a very basic UE built on top of the Nokia N800 platform (MAEMO).

It was more then a week of round the clock coding and hacking, so not much time was left to walk the city besides the nights. I must say that I enjoy Germany very much, specially during the xmas time, due to the local “Christmas Markets” and all the season spirit which IMHO is much more experienced in the northern European countries.

Berlin is a thrilling European capital, where you can have great food and entertainment within a tight spending budget, and full of alternative sub cultures that only spur in big cities such as this one.

It has been my third time in Berlin, but I’m already looking for a fourth :)

written by Diogo Gomes