New (old) Cellphone


After less then a year of usage my SE w580 has failed me… the cursor right key doesn’t work which makes it pretty hard to navigate in the main screen and to write sms with symbols and using T9.

Luckly enough my father had a Nokia E51 hanging around the house since he bought an iPhone, which I’ll be using for the next time being

That to say until one of the following things happen: I buy my self an iPhone, I get my w580 fixed, the Nokia too fails. Now what can I say about the Nokia E51 ?

  • It's light (although bulkier then the SE w580)
  • Being my first Symbian phone, I'm still getting used to hit but is something that is slowly growing into me...
  • It's 3.5G (which makes it more usable for internet services such as handivi - by the way I intend to review their service in the near future)
  • It has everything I asked for in a cellphone, so I'm pretty much happy with it :)

written by Diogo Gomes