MTB and OpenStreetMaps


Although the weather wasn’t the most pleasing, I decided to get back to my MTB weekend rides. Today (as a warmup ride) my brother and I took an all road ride to Praia da Barra, that is approximately 15km away from Aveiro.

Since I haven’t done any exercise since summer, my legs are very sore (can’t wait for tomorrow, when they will feel completely numb). But hopefully I will be back in shape in no time, in order to start doing more appealing tracks offroad.

An interesting side effect of these bike rides is that I’m taking a GPS with me that enables me to log the track. This information is very useful for the OpenStreetMap Project that requires your GPS logs to build a free geographic data repository (resembling Google Maps and Bing Maps). I’ve already contributed to the project in the summer, mapping some streets in Aveiro, but lots of places are still missing information.

My challenge is for you to take your GPS along with you next time you go out and upload back your tracks into OpenStreetMap.

written by Diogo Gomes