Thesis defense


Today was a very important day, as I finally defended my Phd Thesis under the title “Resource Optimizations in Broadcast enabled Networks”.

I was probably a bit nervous as the defense was about the start, as shown in the above picture. The defense started with a 30 min delay, as one my jury member was held in traffic. But in 2h30m time I would be out of the room with boosting confidence levels, as I had finally successfully completed one my most important milestones.

Today I concluded a path, which started 5 years ago when I accepted the challenge of my supervisor to conduct research in an area that was then not very clear if it would become the next hit or flop in Telecom. Today we have very successful IPTV services and operators that cover several technologies (which include broadcast) under a single service platform.

I don’t think my research work in the area is done, far from that, I still believe much needs to be done and changed in the Telecom industry in order to survive in this century without becoming a fossil. But I leave all my new ideas to projects to come :)

I had in the audience many of my friends and most importantly my family that got me through to this important moment of my life and career. A thank you to all of them.

Throughout the course of these ~5 years I’ve participated in several EU projects such as IST-Daidalos and IST-C-Mobile in which I shared knowledge and experience with partners from all over Europe. To them, my sincere thank you.

As I close this chapter, a new chapter opens in which I aspire to overcome more challenges. For starters, I’m currently concluding project ICT-C-Cast, and really soon will start with a new project called MEDIEVAL.

written by Diogo Gomes