New Blog Engine


Guess what, I wasn’t happy with “just” changing themes… and decided to switch theme again along side with a new blogging engine. Wordpress is great and all, but required me to keep constant attention (keeping up with security updates), and overall performance was lacking (even though I used the great Super Cache plugin).

Since moving to a low cost VPS provider (found them through lowendbox ) which is capped to 256MB, I’ve been struggling to keep my resource usage controlled. This has led me to survey alternative blog engines that are less resource savvy than Wordpress running on LAMP, one of such alternatives grab my attention.

Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby that generates your blog from plain text files (no DB needed). Since I hadn’t messed with Ruby before, I got my excuse to finally jump on the bandwagon.

Truth be told, the last weeks have been more about CSS3 (and some HTML5) then Ruby and Jekyll. In the process I’ve forked bibjekyll in order to generate my CV from my .bib files instead of copy&pasting my papers into the CV page.

With the new platform up, I hope to dedicate more time (of my non existing one) to other projects that have been left hanging for the last months.

written by Diogo Gomes