Jekyll Reboot


This blog is now 7 years old and time hasn’t been gentle on it.

When I started this blog it was a Wordpress blog and during the first months I mostly used to post random stuff. Twitter and Facebook where not what you see today, and therefore it made complete sense to post that random stuff here. Looking back into those posts I see lots of stuff I would not say/post today has they are not “blog material”.

Half way I started to hand pick what I posted, posts became more sporadic but also more interesting with most of my referrals pointing to those posts. This is actually the content I’m proud of, but being a personal blog it means that I also post opinions and thoughts such as this post which will definitely will not bring any referrals in.

All said, today I rebooted this blog.

I created a new jekyll theme (I will later post on that), moved to a new VPS (previous one was about to expire) and started blogging again after more than a year time. This year I intend to publish more often, show case a bit of what I’m doing as a researcher, and who knows share some thoughts on random stuff.

So if you haven’t done it yet, I invite you to subscribe my blog or follow me on twitter.

written by Diogo Gomes